Temperature therapy units10701main are used to aid in the rehabilitation from acute injuries such as sprains and strains, orthopedic surgeries such as, Total knee replacements, Partial knee replacements, ACL reconstructions, Menisectomies, Hip replacements, Rotator cuff repairs, Achilles tendon repairs, arthroscopies, and many others.

There are 2 types of temperature therapy units cold therapy units and hot/cold therapy units. The cold therapy units are either non-motorized or motorized. Non- motorized units function by way of gravity and are not temperature controlled. The motorized units are temperature controlled. The motorized units are designed to turn off when the temperature dips below 42 degrees. The hot/cold therapy units will go down to 42 degrees for cold therapy and will not run at temperatures above 120 degrees when used for heat therapy.

Cold therapy is indicated to reduce pain or swelling from an injury or surgical procedure and the hot therapy is indicated to increase blood flow and lessen muscle soreness or stiffening. These units are used for about 20 minutes per hour after a surgery or injury until the pain and swelling subsides. Shop Highland Orthopedic supply for temperature therapy units. We have a large selection and super competitive prices.