Lumex Standard Folding Reacher, 32″ Length

Lumex Standard Folding Reacher, 32″ Length


The Lumex Standard Reacher is a lightweight aluminum reaching aid that helps avoid bending down and climbing on objects. Extend your reach by 32″!! Just squeeze the trigger to close the reachers jaws for a tight grip. As an added benefit this reacher has a magnetized tip that helps retrieve small metallic items such as keys.


Ideal for:

  • Reaching in tight spaces
  • Grabbing objects just out of reach and in high spaces
  • Picking up objects from the ground


  • Helps avoid bending and climbing
  • Magnetized tip for retrieving small metallic items
  • Extends reach by 32″
  • 3″ Jaw width
  • Lightweight-Only 1/2lb
  • Can lift objects that weigh up to 2lbs
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Suction Cup Jaw