Lumex Post Surgery Hip Kit

Lumex Post Surgery Hip Kit


The Lumex Post Surgery Hip Kit contains all the essential items to aid in the recovery from hip surgery. This kit includes: 26″ Reacher, 18″ shoe horn, 27″ dressing stick, 22″ sponge on a stick, and a sock aid.

WARNINGS: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Ideal products to avoid bending and/or twisting after hip or knee surgery

Set Includes:

  • Shoe Horn – Helps guide your foot into a shoe without bending (18″ Length)
  • Reacher – Helps you reach items at higher or lower levels without bending or stretching (26″ Length)
  • Sponge – Long handle helps you wash feet and back to avoid bending and twisting (Sponge Stick 22″ Length)
  • Sock Aid – Helps you put on socks without bending
  • Dressing Stick – Helps you put clothes on without bending or twisting ( 27″ Length)