Bledsoe Trigger and Keepers Thumb Support

Bledsoe Trigger and Keepers Thumb Support


The Bledsoe Trigger and Keeper's Thumb Support provides support and immobilization of the thumb to aid in the treatment of gamekeeper's thumb, trigger finger and other thumb injuries. Easy wrap-around one-handed application. Fits both left and right hands.



  • Easy wrap-around one-hand application
  • Malleable extensor stay for customized positioning of thumb
  • Immobilizes thumb without immobilizing wrist
  • Fits right and left hands
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes


  • Gamekeeper’s thumb
  • Basal joint arthritis
  • Thumb tendonitis
  • Thumb support
  • Thumb immobilization
Size Wrist Circumference
Small Up to 6.5" (17 cm)
Medium 6.5 - 7.5" (17 - 19 cm)
Large 17.5" + (19 cm + )

Circumference taken at wrist

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