Aspen Evergreen SI Belt

Aspen Evergreen SI Belt


Aspen quality Sacral Stabilization

Low profile and lightweight
Bi-Lateral Pull
Effective SI Compression
Non-Slip Strips


Aspen quality Sacral Stabilization


-Low profile and lightweight
Durable two-ply construction with breathable
mesh fabric makes the Evergreen SI comfortable
for extended wear.

-Bi-Lateral Pull
Two easy-to-locate pull tabs provide maximum compression without
the spinal rotation that can occur with a single pull tab system.

-Effective Compression
Utilizes Aspen’s proven SlickTrack™
mechanically advantaged tightening system.
Easy to pull regardless of patient strength.

-Non-Slip Strips
Silicone strips on the inside
of the brace hold fast and
prevent migration especially
while moving and sitting.

Measurement is circumference taken at waist.

Waist measurement:

25" - 41" (64 - 104 cm) = Small
35" - 50" (89 - 127 cm) = Medium
45" - 60" (114 - 152 cm) = Large

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1-Small, 2-Medium, 3-Large