Highland Orthopedic Supply has a huge, discount selection of supports, braces, slings, and therapy products for the shoulder. Seeking a shoulder sling or a cold therapy unit to aid in the recovery from rotator cuff repair surgery or AC separation? You have come to the right place!
• Adjustable Shoulder Support
• Neoprene Shoulder Sleeves
• Clavicle Support
• Posture Braces
• Shoulder Stabilizer
• Shoulder Wraps for Sports
• Arm Slings
• Shoulder Immobilizers
• Hot/Cold Therapy Units for Shoulders

Whatever your needs be, Highland Orthopedic Supply has a product that suits them. We carry products from leading manufacturers such as Breg, DeRoyal, and Medi-Stim, all at discount prices. We have conveniently organized our shoulder products into user friendly groups to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.
Having a hard time keeping that bulky ice pack balanced on your shoulder? We have cold therapy units with pads specifically designed to fit the shoulder. We also have hot/cold therapy units so that you can alternate both hot and cold therapy.