Highland Orthopedic Supply carries a wide variety of products for the hip. Looking for a hip brace, temperature therapy unit, TENS, or NMES unit? You have come to the right place! We carry leading brands such as Breg, DeRoyal, and Medi-Stim.
Our hip braces are designed to treat everything from osteoarthritis and stress fractures to post-operative use following hip arthroscopy-labrum repair, and partial and full hip replacements. Suffering from minor sprains and strains? Need support for sports? We offer hip flexor compression sleeves and neoprene braces, giving you more freedom and flexibility.
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• Hip Braces for Labral Tears
• Hip Flexor Sleeves
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• Thigh Compression Sleeves
• Cold Therapy Unit Pads for the Hip
• Hip Posture Braces
• And More!

Having a hard time keeping that ice pack on your hip? We have cold therapy units with pads designed specifically for the hip, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping or sliding. We even carry hot/cold therapy units so that you can alternate both hot and cold therapy.

  • The Bledsoe Philippon Post-Op Hip Brace was developed in collaboration with Dr. Marc Philippon, MD, Director of Sports Medicine/Hip Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. The brace limits hip flexion/extension as well as abduction and adduction in 15° increments from -30° to 105°. The brace can also lock in any position from -30° to 60°. The post-operative or post-injury brace protects patients following total hip revisions, arthroscopic hip repairs or other hip joint surgeries, injuries or problems that can benefit from range-of-motion control.
  • Breg T Scope Hip Brace

    The Breg T Scope Hip brace delivers a patient-centric design to provide unprecedented comfort, simplicity and support during post-operative hip rehabilitation. Developed in conjunction with industry-leading physicians specializing in injuries, instabilities, and arthroscopic surgery of the hip, the T Scope Hip brace incorporates Breg's premium and time-tested technologies. It features Breg's telescoping design for a fast, universal fit; the patented T Scope Range-of-Motion hinge with quick-adjusting stops; a "Quick Lock" to lock out brace positions with the push of a button; and a unique waist compression lacing system that gives patients an easy "one-handed pull" to provide an intimate fit and offer additional back support. Padding throughout the brace, and thoughtful details, like cushioned hand protection when using crutches and easy to use features, help ensure patient compliance.
  • Breg’s Thigh Support offers warmth, compression and support for hamstring, quadriceps or groin injuries. Constructed of lightweight 1/8" neoprene. Great for sports that require sprinting and/or running.

    Fits both left and right thighs
  • DeRoyal Hip Kit


    -Long shoe horn
    -26” reacher
    -Sock aid
    -Dressing aid
    -Long handle round scrub sponge