This week I will talk about insurance coverage for osteoarthritis braces. I have said in the past that insurances won’t pay for a brace until you have the injury and they won’t. But Osteoarthritis is considered a “wear and tear” disease leading to loss of cartilage. If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, your MD can write a prescription for an OA brace or an OA unloader bracefusionwomensoa+main and if your insurance has DME coverage they will cover an OA brace.
OA braces are great for anyone who wants to put off a TKR or Partial TKR surgery. They reduce pain in the compartment of the knee that has the degenerated cartilage.
Example: Medial compartment OA. This means that the medial portion of the knee is lacking the cushioning provided by cartilage. A Medial unloader will create a force to the lateral side of the leg which will then create a space between the bones in the medial portion of the knee, which greatly reduces arthritis pain if not eliminate it.
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